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Bullet Jul 13, 2014

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    Developer of first-person heist game 'Payday 2' has put a countdown timer entitled 'Whats Next' on its website.
    Overkill Software posted a countdown clock which started on "Day 01" and set to expire in 34 days.
    The page which is made up of a Youtube video doesn't give much away at all. It shows a wall with a radiator in the bottom left of the screen, a light switch next to a door to the right and some light being cast through what appears to be a venetian blind. You can see something passing through the light which could be traffic outside the window or people walking past.

    The Youtube video (which you can see below) features solely as the webpage background, the audio which you can hear is played from a separate mp3 file. When the audio plays you can hear footsteps and a radio being turned on and then tuned in and out of a song which the man states he hates.

    A dialogue then starts up about with the man and woman discussing the song. They then leave the room.

    Its unclear right now what the timer is for, it could be Payday 2 DLC, it could even be a Payday 3 announcement!
    Keep checking back as we find out more about 'Whats Next'
    If you have a theory , let us know below.

    Everyday has a new audio which is equally as random as the one before. Makes me think its phone taps or something being played in an interview room....

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