ORP Skyblock TU31/32

Thri11craft Jan 30, 2016

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    File Name: ORP Skyblock TU31/32
    File Submitter: Thri11craftFile Submitted: 30 Jan 2016
    File Category: Minecraft Worlds

    video: https://youtu.be/73Wx00lHpss
    This is an extreme survival Skyblock map created by OverRide Productions (by Thri11ride aka Thri11, Thri11Cr4ft)
    Map contains a custom villager made using oPryzelp's MC360 NBT editor for custom trades. The villager sells everything you need for overworld items and a few items for fun, everything else needed for crafting can be found in the nether/end.
    The map was created using a combination of tools (MC360 custom flatland tool for the overworld generation then further edited by MCC Tool chest to remove the bedrock and replace it with barrier blocks, (the barrier blocks most likely didn't need to be added for use on console however when on pc version I noticed that the player will fall to their death when spawned anywhere besides the skyblock, so I added it cuz I have a lava source block to kill yourself in if you don't spawn on the skyblock) also used MCC Tool Chest to replace the flatland nether with a true nether so I wouldn't have to have the villager sell nether items.
    This map also contains 2 mob farms I created hidden somewhere in the map. One is an Iron golem farm, and a zombie pigman xp/gold farm.
    For more info about the map please read the txt file I packaged with the file. thanks for downloading this map and have fun guys.

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