ORP Map 3 TU12 With TU14 stuff

Thri11craft May 15, 2014

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    File Name: ORP Map 3 TU12 With TU14 stuff
    File Submitter: Thri11craftFile Submitted: 15 May 2014
    File Category: Minecraft Worlds

    ORP is not dead, we just had a few hiccups.

    This is the map we started back when TU12 came out but never released cuz of a few problems that happened in real life. Sorry for the late upload we hope u like it. All the stuff that ORP is known for is here just not as much cool buildings :( We are starting a new map for TU14 and its coming along great, a preview of that map will be released soon. Have fun and please let us know how you like our maps.

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