ORP Castle Map Preview TU 14

Thri11craft May 17, 2014

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    File Name: ORP Castle Map Preview TU 14
    File Submitter: Thri11craftFile Submitted: 17 May 2014
    File Category: Minecraft Worlds

    ORP Castle Map Preview TU14

    This is the first upload of the newest map from OverRide Productions.

    Huge castle.

    XP farm that has creepers, zombies, skeletons, and zombie pigman.

    Custom spawn point.

    Super compact Zombie pigman gold farm made with modded portal blocks.

    Witches hut.

    custom villager trading stacks of 89 different rare blocks, armor, and tools (max enchanted tools and armor, villager also doubles as the sand generator 64 sand for 1 cobble) for only 1 block of cobble.

    coming soon Iron golem spawner, ender pearl farm, slime farm, blaze farm, more kick ass buildings, tons of auto farms and other machines, cool pixel art and much more.

    plz stay tuned for more maps and updates for maps as they are ready also give us some feed back guys we love to hear from the fans and get your input on other things we can build or how we can make things better.

    We are also looking to team up with other minecraft 360 teams to create epic maps.

    Gamertag: xX Dr Oreos Xx Gamertag: Tri11craft

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