OneDrive Rolling Out on Xbox, Windows Phone, iOS and Android

Rocky Feb 19, 2014

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    Microsoft is rolling out OneDrive worldwide from today, renaming its SkyDrive app with a host of new features enabling users to get the most out of its integration on Xbox One. The updated application is to be available across Xbox, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

    Enabling you to connect and stream content seamlessly across your various devices, OneDrive allows you to share your finest gaming moments on Xbox One via the Game DVR, which you can edit in the Upload Studio before presenting them to the world on Facebook, YouTube and for the Xbox community.

    You can also access your gaming clips on the go with OneDrive, giving you the opportunity to show them off to friends (or enemies) on your phone or mobile devices. Slideshows of photo albums from Xbox One and stored videos can be accessed and played instantly, on your mobile device or a TV.

    There's also new OneDrive achievements to earn on Xbox One for "milestone moments" in the app. Check 'em out:

    Week one winner – Open OneDrive on Xbox One in the first week
    Week one wizard – Play 20 photos in a slideshow from your camera roll in the first week
    Hope those aren't all selfies… – View 10 photos from your camera roll
    Long exposure – View 100,000 photos
    On a roll – Watch five hours of slideshows
    Now you're thinking with folders – Add a shared folder to OneGuide
    OneDrive gives you 7GB of free storage, which can be bolstered to 15 GB for free by enabling your camera roll backup (3 GB) and by inviting friends (up to 5 GB in 500 MB increments). 100,000 people could also win 100GB of free storage for a year, with details on the promotion available by following @OneDrive on Twitter.


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