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madasahat May 29, 2015

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    I thought I would make a thread and see if anyone else out there has one of these beasts!!

    I own the Nvidia Shield 32GB LTE ROW version (rest of world) I got the bundle with the controller and cover.

    I will post my relationship with this thing:

    I have a Nvidia GPU which is needed to stream games to the shield, I have found works really well. I can hook the shield up to a TV via HDMI and play my games downstairs like I used to when I had a 360 or just stream to the shield and play in bed!! The gpu does all the hard work and the lag is tiny when streaming.

    I did not root this device as I have other Nexus/android devices rooted I wanted to keep this thing vanilla.

    It is a beast of a tablet and feeds my gaming addiction (I can stream from anywhere that has decent internet connection even 4G)

    You can steam games from Nvidias Grid service for free ATM too which is good (paid option incoming soon though!)

    I started reading all sorts of problems with these devices on the Nvidia forums and thought I must be lucky mine seems to be OK.... Then I discovered a crack where the sim card goes, up to the screen.

    Contacted customer support, not a problem send it back we will send you another one! "great" I thought as my device was only 6 weeks old.
    They sent me a pre paid delivery thing, I organise the shield to be picked up, smooth as butter! The customer support guy said when they receive my device (which took 5 days to get to them tracked) They will send me one straight away, a few days pass no email with any info on my new device. I contact them again "oh sorry we are out of stock of your device we are waiting for new stock"

    So what started off as a good choice for me in my eyes has somehow turned into a mess!!

    Should I have just put up with the crack? That was bearable or should I expect perfection for an expensive bit of tablet!!

    This thing is good when it works anyone else want to share thoughts on this device jump in!

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