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    I've only played the map a handful of times, but it's very straight forward.
    So I decided to write this guide for those of you that are either new to Zombies or are struggling to reach the higher rounds on Nuketown.

    Now, I'm no expert. Far from it, I only made it to round 29 but this strategy i'm going to share with you is easy enough and will get you to those higher rounds and maybe even higher than me.

    I'm going to start this off with some information on the Perks, Box and Weapon locations to give you a helping hand.

    Perk Locations

    The perks on Nuketown appear randomly on the map every Three rounds, you will know when this happens because you will hear a noise which can only be described as someone hitting a gong followed by an air raid siren. Once you hear that noise it means that a perk will soon be crash landing on the map.

    You can only have four perks on Nuketown which are the following:
    • Jugg - 2500 points
    • Double Tap - 2000 points
    • Speed Cola - 3000 points
    • Quick Revive - 500 points Solo. (Available from the start of the game) 1500 points Co-op.
    The perks appear in different location each time and can be found in the following places.
    • Middle of the map, next to a burnt out car. (B Dom)
    • Right hand side of the Yellow house.
    • Right hand side of the Green house.
    • Garage of the Green house. (only accessible by going under the garage door.)
    • Top floor of the Yellow house.
    • Far right of the Yellow house back garden.
    • Far left of the Yellow house back garden.
    • Yellow house back garden, bottom of the stairs next to the BBQ.
    • Far Right hand side of Green house back garden.
    • Far left hand side of Green house back garden.
    Also note that the Pack A Punch can appear in any of the above locations too.

    Mystery Box Locations

    There are four possible box locations on this map and they are as follows.
    • Far right of the Green house back garden.
    • Bottom Floor of the Green house.
    • Left hand side of the Yellow house, in front of the garage door.
    • Far right of the Yellow house back garden.

    Wall Weapons

    There are Eleven items in total that you can buy from the walls of Nuketown for varying prices and they are the following.
    • M14 (500 points) - The back of the school bus.
    • Olympia (500 points) - The front of the fire truck.
    • BR23 (1000 points) - Bottom floor of the Green house, next to the stairs.
    • MP5 (1000 points) - Top floor of the Green house, by the window.
    • Remington 870 MCS (1500 points) - Bottom floor of the Yellow house, above the fireplace.
    • Colt M16A1 (1200 points) - Top floor of the Yellow house, by the window.
    • AK74U (1200 points) - Middle of the firetruck.
    • Bowie Knife (3000 points) - Middle of the firetruck.
    • Semtex (250 points) - Middle of the firetruck.
    • Claymores (1000 points) - Middle of the firetruck.
    • Galvaknuckles (6000 points) - Inside the firetruck, you have to knife or shoot the cardboard boxes to get to them.
    Please note the wall items in the firetruck can only be purchased after clearing the debris which will cost 3000 points.

    Bonus Drop

    At the back of the Yellow house, there is a little hut that is half destroyed, if you look at it from the side, you will see a drop, this is accessible by opening the door at a cost of 3000 points. the drop changes through out the game.


    The strategy for Nuketown is fairly easy, for the first few round dispatch the Zombies with your pistol until you run out of ammo. A few shots to the chest followed by a knife will kill them and at the same time give you a decent amount of points. Once your pistol ammo is empty, buy either the M14 or the Olympia. Personal I prefer the M14, but go with which ever you feel most comfortable. One piece of advice though is if you go with the M14 reload before you ammo counter hits zero as the reload is quick than when the gun is empty.

    Once you have reached round four or five, and have a decent amount of points. I'd say anywhere between 3000 to 5000 have a look for the box, you will see the blue light shining into the sky. In my experience at the start of the game it spawns at the back of the Green house in the far right of the garden, I don't know if it spawns there all the time though so just keep an eye out for it. Also buy Quick Revive at this point.

    One you have reached the box, have a couple of goes and just go with what ever gun you like, it doesn't matter this early on. The next couple of wave of Zombies will be fairly easy to manage, just keep moving around the back garden and avoiding them as they congregate and shoot them when the are bunched together for more points.

    I would advise doing this until you reach maybe round nine or ten, once you have enough points, have an explore of the maps and open some of the doors. A good thing to do is open the bottom doors of each house just so you have a clear path across the ground floor of the map, this will come in handy later on. If you have enough points, then open the top floors, however you can do this when ever you please. By this time a perk or two should have crash landed on the map, they don't appear in any particular order, so be wary. I didn't get Jugg until round 18 the other day, so buying quick revive early on is an absolute must!

    Once you head into the double figures you should have a decent gun or two from the box, and two or more perks. if Jugg lands early on, then get it as quick as you can. Jugg and Quick Revive should be you priorities. I would advise staying in one of the back gardens, personally I prefer the garden of the Green house. Starting running a circle around the garden, keeping a watchful eye on Zombies spawning in, the will spawn from everywhere including jumping down from the top of the house.
    Keep running the circle, it doesn't matter if you go clockwise or anti clockwise, the aim is to get a train of Zombies behind you, if some are running toward you don't panic, they are easy to avoid. Just shoot them and dodge out of the way. Once you have a large amount of Zombies chasing you, be sure to turn around and shoot them every lap or Two to gain a large amount of points.

    By round Twelve or Thirteen you should be looking to Pack a Punch a gun, if you have enough points to do both, great. If not don't worry about it. It's always good to have one weaker weapon as it gains you more points from shooting the hordes of Zombies.
    I would also advise spinning the box as many times as you can, you should be aiming to have either an LMG, AR or if you are lucky the Ray Gun by this stage of the game. If you have enough points after getting your desired guns and Pack a Punching them, spin the box until you get Monkeys, they come in very handy. Also one other piece of advice, if you can try and Pack a Punch one of the wall guns, as you can always re-buy ammo instead of waiting for a Max Ammo drop, as they become pretty scarce later on.

    As we head onwards from round Twelve or Thirteen you want to keep running the lap of one of the gardens, you don't have to keep running the same direction, if you can manage it, you can dodge the horde as they run at you and switch direction completely, remember though to turn and shoot every Two or Three laps, to gain more points.
    The key to running the laps, is to always stay on the move, don't stop at all. you can slow to a walk, but not a complete stop. Try and make some crawlers if you can as it gives you a nice respite in between rounds. if you find yourself getting over ran, or think you can't handle the amount of Zombies throw a monkey if you have them, or run through the house, across the middle of the map and into the next garden. If you have enough Zombies after you, you can shoot them down as they come through the house into the garden. Keep a watchful eye for Zombies spawning behind you and dropping down from the rooftop.
    The reason I prefer the Green house back garden is because if you run to the Yellow house, you have a clear view of the Zombies as they come through the house. The opposite way around, the view is slightly obscure as they come through the Green house.

    This strategy got me right the way up to round 29, and it was my own stupidity that got me killed. I saw a drop, and ran for it when there were too many Zombies around. So if you see a drop, don't panic, clear the path to it before you try and secure it.

    Below is a video that Phil (a fellow DW24/7 memeber) was kind enough to record for me, it's a highlight reel of one my games, which shows some of the strategy I spoke of above.

    Well there you are guys, I hope this helps you out, and I hope you guys enjoy the guide and enjoy the Nuketown Zombies map as much as I do.

    Many Thanks for reading this, you wonderful people.

    Many thanks to SystemLogic, this is an epic topic!!

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    Thanks now me and my friends got to round 56
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    Thanks for this thread I have used this type of strategy before and got to round 82
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    Nice guide man.

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