NTSC to NTSC-J/PAL gamesave conversion help

ImKindOfHigh Apr 5, 2017

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    Apr 25, 2016
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    I'm looking for someone who can help me convert NTSC save sets to work with NTSC-J versions of certain games. As in some NTSC games have multiple versions of the game such as NTSC-J/AU/DE/PAL. I am willing to pay for help, PayPal ready. I have exhausted all options and it really seems like it's impossible to find someone to help me even when I'm offering to pay someone to do it. I know this has to be possible to do. Or even how to make save editors work for NTSC-J versions of a game. Even if I have to pay someone to make a save editor for me on the NTSC-J/PAL versions of the game I would be willing to do that as well, and I can make save sets with the help of the save editors. Some example of these games are: Psycho Break (the JP version of The Evil Within), Sleeping Dogs JP/DE, Civilization Revolution JP, Conan JP/DE, Wanted JP/DE, Metro 2033 JP, Metro Last Light JP, Eat Lead JP, Lego Batman JP, Mafia 2 JP/EU, and many many more. There really are not many JP/PAL save sets/editors out there for Foreign Stacks of games which is really crazy to me considering just how many foreign stacks of games there are! I am more than happy to assist with how ever many Saves someone would need to do this. I really think it would bring a lot more traffic to this site being the only site to offer this kind of thing. I appreciate the time anyone took to read this and I really hope there is someone on this site who can not only help me out, but the other people out there who are in need of these kind of SE/Save sets.

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