No Mans Sky Wins Three Game Critics Awards!

Bullet Jul 1, 2014

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    Ever since No Mans Sky developed by Hello Games was first announced we could see that the game would be a massive hit. No Man's Sky is a hugely ambitious project for an open-universe game, currently in development by Hello Games which is a small indie outfit run from an office in Guilford.

    Despite all the odds, having their office flooded on Christmas Eve 2013 in which everything in the office was pretty much lost, they have gone on too win three awards with their latest game at the 'Game Critics Award' Best Original game, Best independent game and a Special Commendation for Innovation. This comes as no shock really as No Mans Sky stole the show at this years E3 and its easy to see why this game will go on to be a smash hit.
    No Man's Sky drops players off at the outskirts of the universe with a mission to journey towards its center. According to the developers, completing this task requires "intelligence, imagination and co-operation".
    Hello games are no strangers to getting awards, back in 2010 Develop Awards, they won two awards: Best New Studio and Best Micro Studio, they were listed by The Guardian in its Tech Media Invest list - a list of the 100 most innovative and creative companies of the previous 12 months.

    Buckle up guys because this is gonna be one hell of a ride....
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