No Mans Sky Will Be PS4 Exclusive

Bullet Jun 10, 2014

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    One game that has intrigued me since its first ever debut trailer last December is 'No Mans Sky' developed by Hello Games, and up until yesterday it was unsure which platforms the game would be released on.
    Its currently unclear if the game will ever come to PC, so for now its a PS4 exclusive revealed Sean Murray at E3. No Mans Sky allows players to explore different worlds, planets and even solar systems.
    Each player will be spawned on a different planet to begin exploration of the game which is procedurally generated:
    These worlds were showcased last night with a trailer showing off beautiful gameplay featuring alien worlds inhabited by dinosaurs with orange grass and blue trees. Sounds wild, check it out in the trailer below:

    This game seems like a perfect game for Virtual Reality and maybe the developers signed with Sony because they have plans for Project Morpheus, Sony's Virtual Reality headset.
    Hello Games have been experimenting with Virtual reality and said "We want to give the player that feeling of being the first person to discover something new' says Sean Murray one of the four game developers." Whilst playing with Oculus Rift VR headset.

    Hello Games really deserve this break after having such a terrible year last year when their offices in Guilford flooded last Christmas which resulted in them loosing a lot of work. Congratulations Hello Games...
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