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NHL 15: Early Demo Release

Nasyr Aug 15, 2014

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    NHL 15 has got many gamers hyped for it's early preview and demo. Check out the ultra defying and thriller trailer here. This E3 gameplay preview shows many sneak peeks, but also entails what is to change, or come. Not only will there be roaring crowds, but it will bring the most exciting games to a real fans dreams.​
    The trailer shows the new teammates, players and specials you will be able to do in the game. It also offers the ability to taunt after you score a goal. There is a wide variety of taunts you can execute for each player, but it only gets more interesting. You may also choose which place you would like to take on the field at any given time. From switching to goalie then to a forward passer. ​
    There is also new specials to come with the games, as I said above. You will be able to customize your players stick and costume in little ways. You can almost make it your own and dominate other players. New technology brings in advances to how you play the game. Shooting a goal, passing the puck and even moving it down the court yourself has changed. While you have the puck in your possession it suggests moves for you that you could make.​
    Now we get to the very essential part of the news, the demo! NHL 15 HQ will be releasing this game exclusively to people to try out before it comes out. The demo is available August 26th, 2014. This date also follows the release date of Madden 15. The demo offers full capabilities with no sneaky fees to try it out like EA access cards. None of that is needed what so ever in this case of the demo.​
    NHL 15 comes out September 9th, 2014 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This games offers better collisions, player movements, stick controls and better equipment. The game may look better on the next gen consoles, NHL HQ says, but they haven't given up on what once was the original consoles. ​
    What do you think about these game improvements? Leave your comments below.​

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