Next Gen Controller Mods Made Easy by Titan One

Bullet Dec 1, 2014

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    Do you miss all the controller mods that you could get on the old gen consoles on your Next gen Xbox One or PS4? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have controller mods without actually having to open up or send away your controller?

    Well thanks to the guys over at ConsoleTuner you can do exactly that! You can have controller mods on a next gen console without actually having to open up or mod your controller. All the best controller mods right at your fingertips without actually voiding your warranty.

    Who doesn't want mods like "Rapid Fire, Anti-Recoil, Auto-Spot, Quick Shot, Drop Shot, Secondary Rapid Fire, Jump Shot, Auto Reload, and Easy Sprint"? Titan One is the perfect solution for no nonsense mods on Next gen consoles.

    Another neat feature of this dongle is that it allows you to use virtually any controller on any video game console, for example you could use an Xbox 360 controller on a PS4, or an Xbox One controller on an Xbox 360. The Titan One even has support for keyboard and mouse for those who prefer that gaming style over console controllers.

    Xpgamesaves will be doing an in depth review of the Titan One soon, so be sure to stay tuned and also look out for the giveaways that ConsoleTuners will be hosting on XPG!
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    Very nice looking forward to see more of this ;)
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    I cant wait to see what mods i can come up with.
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    This looks amazing ;)

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