Newest Kinect hack: a grocery cart that loyally follows disabled shoppers

XPGBuSh Jun 5, 2011

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    The project that Luis Carlos Inácio de Matos has been working on called wi-Go will definitely help people with disabilities as well as pregnant or elderly people go grocery shopping for starters. A cart with a basket fashioned inside accompanied by a laptop and kinect will follow you around the store so you don't have to push the cart around. It follows behind you at a safe distance and tracks your every move.

    Check out the video demonstration which uses the case of a man in a wheel chair. The first portion of the video shows how difficult it can be to operate a shopping cart and a wheel chair simultaneously while the second half illustrates how useful this type of product can be for those in need of a little bit of assistance with this type of activity.

    wi-GO is a project that seeks to unite the technological knowledge and liability in the construction of a common path toward integration and improved quality of life. With the aim of building a barrier-free society, the project wi-GO is a robot system based on sensor technology Kinect that enables the disabled person, but also the elderly and pregnant women, among others, carry objects without difficulty, comfortably and safely. Scheduled to follow the people, promotes mobility, reduces the inability of people with physical disabilities, ensuring integration and quality of life.

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