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New XboxOne Bundle Includes free Madden NFL 15

XPGHerozHD Aug 4, 2014

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    A new Xbox One bundle will go on sale later this month that includes a new game for no extra cost. The bundle consists of the black Xbox One model that doesn't include Kinect and a copy of this year's Madden game, Madden NFL 15, for $400.

    You'll get an extra bonus for picking up this bundle in the form of a download code for three pro packs in Madden's Ultimate Team mode. The trade-off is you don't get a physical copy of the game--the bundle includes a code to download the digital version.

    The bundle will go on sale on August 26, the same day as the standalone Madden 15, which places an emphasis on defense. Provided you're interested in the game and the system, this is a cheaper-than-usual way to pick up both, which would otherwise cost $460. It's not the first time Microsoft has offered an Xbox One bundle with a game and charged the same price as the system itself--Titanfall was included for free with a bundle released in March, and a Forza 5 system bundle with a free copy of the game continues to be sold at some retailers.

    Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman tweeted about the bundle prior to Microsoft's announcement and included the picture to the right, which features his Madden 15 cover pose. Given the way he's obscuring the Xbox One name and is hanging off the side of the box, it looks like this is temporary artwork; the actual box you'll find in stores looks as if it won't have Sherman on it beyond the photo of the game's cover in the bottom-right corner.

    Should you not have $400 to part with this month, Sherman will be giving away one of these bundles through social media; to enter, you'll need to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

    This Madden bundle may not be the only one Microsoft releases this year: a Sunset Overdrive bundle that includes a yet-to-be-released white version of the system was recently listed on a French retailer's website. Microsoft has yet to comment on the listing, so we don't know when it will be available, or how much it will cost if it is indeed real.

    Yet I was thinking about getting a xbox one, and this bundle really caught because I am a football fan, and I might just buy this bundle, what do you guys think about the coming soon bundle?
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