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Bullet Mar 3, 2014

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    TitanFall is only a matter of days away and information is leaking thick and fast about Respawn Entertainments sci-fi shooter.


    Community Manager Abbie Heppe has revealed that the full game will include many more weapons for pilots in the full game and that different game modes will have have different XP distribution.


    As well as the different weapons we also have a list of weapon mods which are basically attachments for weapons that can be earned during gameplay, you can see the list below:

    Weapon Mods:

    Iron Sights – Standard-Issue Sights
    HCOG – 1.85x Zoom Holographic Gunsight
    Holosight – 2.1x Zoom Holographic Gunsight
    AOG – 2.4x Zoom Advanced Gunsight
    4.5x Zoom Scope – Mid-range magnification scope
    6x Zoom Scope – Long range magnification scope
    Extended Magazine
    Extended Clip
    High-Capacity Drum
    Extended Ammo Capacity
    Leadwall – Disperses pellets over a larger area
    Suppressor – Reduces noise and muzzle flash
    Enhanced Targeting – Accelerates lock-on rate and increases range
    Scatterfire – Increases rate of fire, decreases accuracy of R-97 Compact SMG
    Stabilizer – Reduces sway when looking down scope
    Match Trigger – Ignores fire rate limit
    Starburst – Hemlok BF-R 5 round burst
    Counterweight – Maintains higher accuracy while moving
    Slammer – Increases rodeo damage
    Burst Fire – Fires three rounds
    Rapid Fire – Converts the weapon to a semi-automatic rocket launcher with a high rate of fire.
    Accelerator – Rate of Fire increases while holding fire
    Instant Shot – No build-up, but lower max damage
    Capacitor – Deals increased damage, but must be charged to full
    Mine Field – Converts the weapon to fire ballistic mines, which plant into the ground when fired, and then detonate using built-in proximity fuses.
    Automatic Fire – Fires continually without releasing the trigger
    Electric Rounds – Deals increased damage to shields
    Explosive Rounds – Deals damage around the point of impact
    Fast Reload – Reduces time to reload
    Guided Targeting – Direct the flight of the Archer missile
    High Density Explosive Rounds – Heavy, powerful explosive grenades
    Hydraulic Launcher – Propel grenades further by holding down the trigger
    Impact Fuse – Explodes on contact with any surface
    Mortar Shots – Lobbing projectiles, larger explosion
    Overcharge – Drains shield to accelerate charge
    Powered Magnets – Increased magnetic range, reduced damage
    Power Shot – Higher max damage, longer charge
    Quick Shot – Higher max damage, longer charge
    Sniper Assist – Scope displays information about target
    Splitter – Lightning arcs to additional targets when it splits
    Scatter Shot – Widens the cone of fire
    Broadside – Narrows the cone of fire
    Recoil Compensator – Reduces recoil while firing
    Rolling Rounds – Grenades slide further
    8X Zoom
    10X Zoom
    12X Zoom
    Automatic Fire Burn Card – Rapid Fire Shotgun
    Semi-Automatic – Fires 1 shot at a time
    Splasher Rounds – Anti-Personnel Rounds
    Stabilized Warhead – Increased precision, slower rate of fire
    Tank Buster – Slower, more powerful missile. Explodes after short delay
    Titanhammer Missile – Devastating anti-Titan Missile
    Twin Slug – Holds two slugs per magazine, but fires them simultaneously
    Match Trigger Burn Card – Ignores fire rate limit

    If you were hoping for the game to make use of Xbox One trigger rumble then you are going to be disappointed because Abbie has confirmed that the game will not have this feature, personally I would have expected the flag game for Xbox One to make use of all the features!

    There will be 15 maps to play at launch which we have screenshots of here. The game will have a campaign mode that will feature around the multiplayer modes:


    TitanFall Maps:
    Angel City
    Training Ground

    Right now its not confirmed if stats will carry over from the Xbox 360 version to the Xbox One, but Abbie says: "I will get clarification"


    Obviously as soon as we have confirmation from Abbie we will update this topic.
    Server issues aside the beta was well received and Titanfall is set to be a smash hit which must be a relief for Microsoft who are banking on “Titanfall” being a sucess to save the currently stalling Xbox One. Although the same title is coming to the PC as well, the multiplayer-only first-person shooter will be heavily advertised as a next-generation console exclusive for Microsoft’s new platform when it launches on March 11th. The Xbox 360 port is going to come out two weeks later on March 25th.

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