New PS Now photos and details escape beta.

XPG Darkside Jun 9, 2014

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    PS Now’s closed beta continues in North America, and one reader has sent us a fresh batch of UI and game photos, along with a loading speed test on his wired connection.

    Our source, who we won’t name because he’s effectively breaking non-disclosure, told us over email, “My connection is wired and estimated at 97mbps. It took precisely 52 seconds of loading to boot up Dead Island. There are 20 games available and its all free rentals for the beta.”


    As you can see, our source was told that he could stream PS Now games at the highest quality using his wired connection, and in doing so, was able to boot up such games as MX vs ATV from the top menu to the game’s intro video in 54 seconds.


    All games included in the beta could be rented using one of these three options. It’s unclear how much these will cost individually once the service launches.


    There are 20 titles available in the beta at present.


    This image shows that you can still keep PS Now running while you exit back to the PS4′s home screen and perform other tasks.


    The PS Now game menus are similar to those found on PSN at the moment.


    Like all games and apps, PS Now will be added to your activity stream on the new XMB interface.

    What do you make of PS Now so far?

    Source VG247.

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