New Metal Gear Online in development alongside MGS 5

IIEvolution85II Jun 14, 2013

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    The new Metal Gear Online is being developed in conduction with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima told CVG.

    Speaking during an MGS 5-focused interview with CVG, Kojima confirmed, "Yes, we plan on creating Metal Gear Online. Multiplayer right now is being created at our LA studio as well as us. We're working closely to create a vast multiplayer for all the fans."

    It's unclear exactly how the new MGO will be served up, but the first Metal Gear Online was bundled in 'Starter Pack' form with versions of Metal Gear Solid 4.


    The original MGO's servers were shut down in September 2012.

    In the same interview, Kojima told CVG that Metal Gear Solid 5 will have a 'big surprise' in store for MGS fans, teasing an innovative new feature that "hasn't been done before".

    Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference opened with a stirring MGS 5 gameplay trailer confirming that the much-anticipated cross-gen sequel will feature open-world gameplay, real-time weather, various modes of transport, realistic passage of time, deeper stealth action, and dynamic CQC.

    We met with the legendary designer at E3 to discuss next-gen, open worlds and just who that great white Whale might be. Read the full Hideo Kojima interview here.

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