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New Members Hosting Modded Lobbies/Recoveries on XPG Please Read

Rocky May 3, 2014

  1. Ro

    Rocky Guest

    This is to help new members who are wanting to host modded lobbies and recoveries on XPG and not get there topic/s shutdown.

    1. You can't sell any type of modded lobby or recovery til you have 15 constructive posts.

    2. You must get verified by two trusted members only, vouches from other members or your friends don't count, You can check here for the trusted members list

    3. Do not add skype or aim contact details to your topics, You can only use the PM system on XPG.

    4. Adding proof it must contain XPG only any other modding sites proof will be removed.

    5. Requesting the XPG Host Badge [​IMG]
    This Badge is for Members who host Lobbies/Recoveries for Members of XPG.

    Minimum Requirement.
    Verified Legit by Trusted Members.
    Hosted 30 Successful Lobbies/Recoveries.

    6. Requesting the Trusted Seller [​IMG]

    This Badge is for Members who can be trusted doing sales and transferring money. It helps a lot to have this if you would like to sell a service or sell anything on XPG.

    Minimum Requirements.
    30 Successful Sales.
    30 Successful Lobbies/Recoveries Hosted.

    Reading and agreeing to the above will guarantee that your modded lobby and recovery service will run smoothly.

    Thankyou XPG Staff
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