New features we want for August Xbox One update

Rocky Jul 18, 2014

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    We haven't asked about Xbox One updates for a while, in which time many of the requests thrown at Microsoft's door have been read and addressed. Slicker achievements, USB drive support and the blessed controller battery life indicator all popped up in our consoles' fizzing memory-banks recently.

    So what more could we possibly want from Microsoft's now-monthly dashboard refreshes? As it turns out, a bunch.

    Movable tiles

    With the release of Kinect-less Xbox Ones, this now seems a no-brainer. The current Dashboard set-up is built for Kinect - take away the ability to bark what I want like I'm talking to a dog-butler and it suddenly becomes something of a faff to get about. Being able to rearrange the Home menu, pulling together everything you need on a single page, seems a step towards user-friendliness for our camera-shy brethren.

    Remote downloads

    Imagine this: you're at work, and a one day-only flash sale is announced. You jump online, ready to claim your purchase of whatever sweet cyber-groceries you've got your eyes on. You buy said goods - and then have to wait over an hour for them to be delivered once you get home. This is the plight of the modern enthusiast, a fate, I think you'll agree, that is if not worse than death then at least quite irritating. Being able to cue up our always-watching-always-waiting console to download a new game before we get home seems a no-brainer. Let's have it.


    Install boxed game updates without needing the disk

    Come on now, this seems obvious. Your Xbox One knows everything you own, when you're playing it and, possibly, exactly how much biometric enjoyment you're getting out of it. It can connect to the internet and perform sophisticated digi-mnastics at a moment's notice - and yet it still asks you to put the Battlefield 4 disc in to download an update. No more.

    Implement a screenshot function

    Recording clips is all well and good, but a picture is often easier to show off, more telling and more precise. A simple Kinect command (and associated menu option) could sort this quick-smart. Plus, given how much trouble GTA V had with its selfie system in its inaugural weeks, a centralised service might just help developers, too.

    Snappable Friends list

    Having to leave a game to see if the friends you want to play with in said game are in said game is exactly as needlessly complex as this sentence. Throwing in the ability to snap the Friends app and check out who's online, invite them or send them aggressive messages would be a nice addition.

    "Xbox, find controller"

    This one we've shamelessly stolen from FrozenUncle over on Xbox Feedback (incidentally, the service where many of these requests can be made and responded to). Having the Xbox activate the rumble in your controller so that you can find it in your pigsty bedsit (welcome to games writing, folks) would be just peachy.

    These are OXM's suggestions, Whats yours?

    Source - OXM

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