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Rocky Apr 24, 2014

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    Lionhead has sneaked out a few new Fable Legends screenies, care of a fan Easter Egg hunt and a witheringly technical blog about the Unreal Engine.


    The blog explores the developer's decision to make use of fully dynamic lighting in Legends. "We think this is important for a number of reasons," it begins. "It allows dynamic time of day, which adds variation to our world; it massively improves iteration times for artists; and it supports dynamic objects both reflecting and receiving light.

    "Dynamic GI can also give higher quality results than baked lighting in some cases, for example, reflections, where lighting needs to take into account the view position."

    There's a lot more through the jump, including side-by-side comparison shots with a version of the game that doesn't have the same fancy lighting system. But perhaps you're more interested in new enemy types. Perhaps you're a fearless adventurer, with little patience for the well-informed wittering of programmers. Very well - here's the skinny on the Redcaps.

    "One of the stranger and less imaginatively named creatures of the forest, redcaps are easily recognised by their well . . . by their red caps," reads another Lionhead post. "Should they lose their crimson hats, or the cap lose its colour, then a redcap will die. This threat renders this branch of forest fey both aggressive and highly wary of rain.

    "Finding this limitation to their lifespans to be less than helpful, redcaps have taken to hammering nails into their own heads, thus securing their cap and preventing it from drying out. Fear of sudden death (added to having nails in their heads) has made redcaps a fairly psychotic bunch, prone to fits of violence and villainy.

    "From the halberd-armed foot soldier and catapult-toting skullchucks, to their will-using shamans, redcaps are a common sight in Rosewood and represent a real danger to the unwary traveller. Indeed fear of Redcaps is so rife, that it's been known for travellers to meet a misfortunate end simply by wandering into a nervous village wearing the same coloured headgear."

    As a Villain player, you'll presumably get to pit the Redcaps against bands of heroes in the game's intriguing multiplayer mode. For more on the subject, read our interview with game director David Eckelberry.





    Source - OXM

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