Preview New Crysis 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Takes You Deeper into the Jungle

Rocky Nov 15, 2012

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    EA and Crytek have released a spiffy new gameplay walkthrough video for Crysis 3 today, enveloping you in the open fields beneath one of the game's Nanodrome's created by the nefarious CELL. Thick with vegetation, there are CELL operatives hiding among the grass and ferns, meaning Prophet will need to keep his wits about him.

    "The unnatural power of the Nanodome has transformed the train yards of New York City into a grassland teeming with wild vegetation & opposing CELL artillery," reads the blurb for the new trailer. "Prophet and Psycho must venture through the heavily guarded Field to meet up with the rebel insurgency. Prophet's use of the Nanosuit and alien weapons will be critical to to get through the sandbox of the Fields level -- but how will you choose to play Crysis 3?"

    Check out the 6-minute Crysis 3 single-player gameplay walkthrough below, then keep your eyes peeled for the game's release in February 2013.

    Source - xbox360ach

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