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New BioShock Game teased by 2K

Rocky Jul 25, 2014

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    2K Games UK has been teasing something of a BioShocking nature, hinting that some sort of BioShock related announcement could be in the offing. Tweeting an image with the cryptic message "Oooo, what COULD this mean?!", the tease doesn't give a whole lot away.

    The image is taken from Eve's Garden, which along with Poseidon Plaza was one of the key locations in BioShock 1 and 2's underwater dystopia, Rapture. Could we be looking at new-gen remakes of the first two games? Or could 2K have a sequel in the works?

    Irrational Games shut down earlier this year, leaving 2K Games in charge of the BioShock series. What's planned for the franchise, however, is anyone's guess. We've emailed 2K Games for comment and will update should we hear anything.

    Source - X360A
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