Need Help Troubleshooting Xbox 360 Liteon 9504 Drive With 0272 Stock Firmware

savstar Mar 2, 2013

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    Just wondered if anyone could give me some help regarding my liteon drive please.

    I am at my wits end on what to do, as I believe it is the cause of my console randomly restarting.

    I can play a game for maybe 30 mins - 6hrs, then the console will intermittently restart anytime after I power it on.

    I've checked the HDD, Cleared system cache, taken HDD out, Used a 32GB Usb stick as a memory unit, and it still reboots.

    In addition I recently put new arctic silver 5 thermal paste on the cpu/gpu, and refitted x-clamps. Also put a Talismoon whisper fan in there aswell, just for good measure of keeping the console cool.

    I did have an xk3y fitted inside the console for just over a year, and had to recently take out the xk3y due to the sd card reader been faulty.

    Note: I did not have any console restarts or issues, until now, since I have taken the xk3y out. Also the xk3y worked fine and flawless in Emulation mode, However whenever I put the xk3y into Passthru mode, I had the same issues, that I am having now, as it would randomly restart the console in Passthru mode.

    This is my reason for believing that it must be the dvd drive, which is at fault.

    Would anyone know what to look for, or how I can check and test the drive for possible faults?

    I already had a look at the PCB the other day, and it looked fine to me.

    I have only ever plugged the drive into my PC over a year ago to extract the drive key, before the latest dashboard locked my drive for good. So it's not a flashed drive.

    Also i've replaced the dvd drive sata and power cables, and this has not made the problem go away either.

    I just don't know what to do next? I just wanna try and get my console fixed a.s.a.p

    The only other alternative, I thought of, was to purchase an unlocked 9504 drive and flash LT 3.0 to it. Until I have the money to RGH my console.

    I just did not want this issue, if I was to RGH the console, and for it to still persist in rebooting randomly.

    If anyone at all has experienced this issue, or who knows of a possible fix, or can point me in the right direction of sorting this out. Then I would truly appreciate this.

    Thank you

    Savstar ;)

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