Need For Speed: New Images revealed + Customization details

FreddyZVoorhees Sep 12, 2015

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    After Gamescom, we have seen several gameplays of the next Need for Speed, Ghost Games continues disseminating content to let the fans even more anxious.

    Today, Electronic Arts and Ghost Games released some new images of the next title in the Need for Speed franchise.
    In them, we can see some of the customization options that will be present in the game. See below:
    On the official website of the game, along with images, were announced new customization details:

    Every machine worth its salt needs a set of wheels angry, and Need for Speed, there are plenty of options available. Customize all four in the same way or to create specific settings front and rear? It's your choice.
    Select your tires, select the tweezers and renew the look with brake discs brand new. The depth of choice here will allow you to create just about anything you want. Once the wheels are ready to take to the streets, it remains to apply a modification: the hoops.
    Through hundreds of hoops available you will never run out of options - but will want to ensure they match the rest of your machine design. The painting of the rims has two parts, primary and secondary, and both have a complete package of ink available options. We will review this in more detail in the coming days, so stay tuned.
    The wheel size complete your look with a good range available between 14 and 22 inches. The end result is a set of wheels overflowing personality. Prefer symmetrical beauty ... or some more radical thing?
    Front of the car
    One of the first things you'll notice when approaching the front of the car is the ability to adjust the suspension. If you want to climb the body, driving scraping the asphalt, or any other setting, just adjust the ride height. Play with the relegation options and shaft extension as far back as the front, and will be on track to create something truly unique.
    The adjustment of the suspension is ready with the camber. The angle of the front and rear wheels adjusted separately, giving you the ability to create cars with a visual unusual.
    Turning to the body, it's likely that at this point you are murmuring softly to himself "carbon fiber", so it's a great place to start. Your hood is fully customizable and yes, you can expect plenty of carbon fiber.
    A cowl first line will require the company of a fender at height. But what is a fender without a set of front wings? Add an extra dose of style to your fender and see your idea of ​​personalization taking shape!
    Dissatisfied with their factory headlights? Replace them with something more suited to your powerful before heading to the diffuser and turn your good-looking stand on a monster of automotive engineering of the most aggressive.
    We've talked about the wheels, so let's pay more attention now to its fenders. If they are selected separately for the front and rear parts, you can get a unique look and, let's face it, your wheels deserve it.
    Finally, give a touch of paint on the windshield. Or remove it entirely, bet a total black look or find the sweet spot between both. To not be at a disadvantage compared to the "cousin" wider, the mirrors can also be customized, and you can change their appearance completely. It's the little touches that complete the task of creating a visually spectacular vehicle, and rear-view mirrors are one of those little details that usually go unnoticed, but are of great importance for the good looks of the car.

    Rear Car
    Make the rear of your car to steal the show. And the best way to start is by installing an airfoil. And we have pieces with style for every taste, from a discrete wing, to a monstrous performance airfoil. Oh, and if you want you can still ride airfoils double wings. Two is always better than one!
    And this is the right time to install a powerful stereo sound system, before changing the boot on the other more suited to powerful design.
    It would be a breeze too copy the front appearance of the car and again on the back. But this is Need for Speed! Bumpers, fenders, rear wings, it can be installed independently on the back. And even when everything seems perfect, the options remain.
    Your possando is not singing to your liking? Replace the exhaust and the other ensures that the sound will be music to your ears while running the night slopes Ventura Bay. After installing the new exhaust, complete the look with a diffuser and a new set of taillights.
    The last remaining option is the license plate. Modify it and admire its fully customized powerful in his garage. And that picture you had imagined, took shape and is ready to roll in Ventura Bay.
    Body Kit
    The body kits cover a wide selection of modifications, pre-configured from bumpers, side skirts, spoilers and more. These kits not only have a look absolutely stunning, as all the parties in complement each other, making it a great way to make your car look spectacular in an instant. They are perfect for those who want a ready-made solution to customize the car with the signing of the top names in the auto parts market, including Rocket Bunny and Liberty.

    NEED FOR SPEED está sendo desenvolvido pela Ghost Games e será lançado no dia 03 de novembro para PC, PlayStation 4 e XBOX One.
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