Preview Need for Speed: Most Wanted's Ultimate Speed Pack Revealed in Vid

Rocky Dec 18, 2012

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    EA has revealed today's Need for Speed: Most Wanted Ultimate Speed Pack, with a trailer looking at each of the five cars you'll find in the pack, which also have their own events to beat. Each is famed for its velocity, meaning you'll be able to tear around Fairhaven City faster than ever and bust open those Autolog times.

    There's the McLaren F1 LM, the Lamborghini Aventador J, the Pagani Zonda R, Bugatti’s "reigning world speed champion" and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in the Ultimate Speed Pack. The fifth car is Hennessey’s "savage 275 mile-an-hour ragtop beast", the Venom GT, which also gets its own Most Wanted event, meaning you'll have to earn it.

    You can download the Need for Speed: Most Wanted Ultimate Speed Pack for the rather unreasonable price of 800 Microsoft Points. Check out the trailer below.

    Source - X360A

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