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NBA 2K13 Review.

Smsnh Nov 25, 2012

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    NBA 2K13 is the latest version of the basketball video game, there have been many changes between 2K12 & 2K13. The sport of basketball isn't really known throughout the U.K, this game will most likely consist of NBA Stars, you haven't heard of in your life because basketball is in the United States. Well, this years cover of 2K13 has; Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, & Kevin Durant. There are many good things about this game and many things that 2K Sports could of avoided putting into the game or take a few things out, I didn't really find one thing wrong with the game but people are entitled to their own opinions, so they may think differently.​

    The first thing I noticed once I put the game in was the soundtrack, I enjoyed it really much knowing the executive producer of the game was Jay-Z, so pretty much all of the songs in the game are from him, maybe in like one or two of his songs featuring Kayne West. Another thing that was a great addition was the V.C, you can use it throughout the game, unlike 2K12, if you got Skill Points, how you could only use it in MyPlayer, you can use it throughout the game, on things such as MyTeam (Read to learn about that), buying clothing for your player's appearance when you play Blacktop Online with friends or some type of game involving your player. MyTeam is pretty much like Madden Ultimate Team, it's a new feature to 2K13 this year, you can buy players off of the market, it's pretty expensive though, it costs 20,000 VC for a elite player, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmello Anthony, etc, you can play exhibition games or you can do Road to the Playoffs, which is you play online opponents with your MyTeam and you're required to get a certain number of points to get out of the current seed you're in (you start in 8th first). Another great addition to this game is how 2K added the Right Analog stick to be the stick that you maneuver tricks with. The updated courts (if you have XboxLive) look amazing, most of the courts have been updated. Personally, I love MyCareer, it's awesome & fun, you could start as a bench player and one day become the best player, the only disadvantage about that is it takes a while to get your MyPlayer actually good, making him hitting shots, getting some assists.​

    I think this game is worth the buy if you actually are into basketball, if you're not into basketball don't get it because you won't know what you're doing. Many great things have been added, personally I didn't find one bad thing about this game, it obviously wasn't perfect but it's a really great game. So go out and get the game.​
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