Preview Naruto Storm 3 – Anbu Kakashi, Road to Ninja Sasuke, Swimsuit Sakura DLC

XPGBuSh Jan 16, 2013

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    YOSH!! ANBU Kakashi, Road to Ninja Sasuke, and Swimsuit Sakura have been confirmed as DLC (downloadable content) in addition to Road to Ninja Hinata, Samurai Naruto, and Naruto in Goku’s Costume. The news comes from the latest Shonen Jump scan which confirmed Tailed Beast Mode Naruto will be on the game disc. Only images of Samurai Naruto and Naruto in Goku’s costume were shown, but as you can see in the scan cutout below, there is text that confirms the other characters as DLC.

    The scan also confirms the rumor from early today – April 18 will be the Japanese release date for Storm 3. In addition, the scan reveals the Japanese demo will be available for download in early February. As you may already have heard on Saiyan Island, with PS3 games, the demo can be downloaded by anybody in the world as long as they have a Japanese PlayStation Network account. It’s unlikely Xbox 360 will get a demo for Japan.

    As far as Saiyan Island knows, ANBU Kakashi, Road to Ninja Sasuke, Road to Ninja Hinata, and Swimsuit Sakura have only been confirmed as DLC for Japan.

    Europe will be getting six free downloadable costumes for those who pre-order Naruto Storm 3 (the normal version as well as the Will of Fire and True Despair editions), but aside from Samurai Naruto and Goku Costume Naruto, it’s unclear who the other 4 could be. We would have to guess they would be the same, but again, that has not yet been confirmed.

    As for North America, only the Goku costume for Naruto has been confirmed. No information on additional DLC has been revealed.

    Stay tuned to Saiyan Island for the latest Naruto Storm 3 news!


    Source - Saiyan island

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