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My Review Of Max The Curse Of Brotherhood

XPG Darkside Jun 5, 2014

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    Welcome to my review of max the curse of brotherhood.

    This game is currently free on Xbox One along with Halo via Games for gold.

    So what is Max the curse of brotherhood.

    Well it's a action adventure side scroller which sees max you the player trying to save your brother Felix after you summon a spell on him at the start of the game for playing with your toys.

    So far I'm up to chapter 5 out of 8 and I'm enjoying every second of it.

    The graphics are brilliant for the Xbox One bright and vivid colours throughout the game to feast your eyes on.

    There are also several skill you obtain whilst playing the game which help you along your way such as, water, vines, and branches.

    All these combined together make out for some excellent puzzles throughout the game which get you scratching your head thinking how do I do this.

    The achievements are also easy to obtain most of them are just use your skills a certain amount of times, and to destroy mustacho's evil eyes which are also hidden throughout the games levels.

    To sum up the game is a brilliant little side scroller and I would grab it while you can as it's currently free on the dashboard.

    Overall score out of ten from where I've played the game too so far would be 8/10.
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    Great review DS, I downloaded it because it was free but have only played a couple of levels so far.
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