MW3 Glitches - Out of Bag and Drag [Video/Voice Tutorial]

Bullet Nov 8, 2011

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    This video shows xRYAN350x cP from chaoticPerfection getting out of the mission "Bag and Drag" in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campign. Here's a text tutorial for those of you who want it.


    Step 1: When you get he point you see in the video, run towards the guardrail shown.

    Step 2:Hop up on top of it then hop up on top of the toilet.

    Step 3: Strafe to the fence then scale it all the way to the end.

    Step 4: Once again strafe to the sign, jump onto the dumpster barrier and walk outside the map

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video and tutorial, I'll catch you next time.

    Glitch Found By - xRYAN350x cP

    Song: Blue Stahli - Anti You [Instrumental]

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    Creds chaoticPERFECTION


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