Murder and TTT Maps

xKaijux Sep 20, 2014

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    The maps are somewhere between BETA and finished so let's call this...DELTA testing. Only because no one has played them yet so please give feedback.

    So for the 5 people who don't know what Murder or Trouble in Terrorist Town are, I suggest looking up videos before you continue reading. It's ok, we'll wait.

    Ready? Ok good.

    Now, I currently don't have any pictures of the maps but feel free to post some of your experience.

    The first map is pretty much murder only. I think I tried making it compatible with both but it didn't work out without redesigning the machine.
    The spawn SHOULD be on/near a giant white platform(the lobby). Hosts should probably check out the map beforehand so they can make sure the map is ready. The lobby has beds for respawning and instructions on how to play so there shouldn't be that big of a problem. In the current state the map is pretty easy to reset without reloading the map. All you have to do really is (host)put the gun back where it goes and fly back to the lobby.

    It's a semi-enhanced NPC village and can be downloaded here:

    The second map works for TTT and SHOULD work for Murder as well. The spawn should be a giant white platform with beds and instructions like before. Hosts should make sure the map is set beforehand. Resetting the map is harder than the first one but should be possible without reloading the map. There is also a traitor tester in a room upstairs.

    The map is a 2 story house and the grounds around it and can be downloaded here:

    Please post any problems you have with the links or the map. Additionally if anyone makes a video of the maps please link it here and post any and all pictures of the maps. I'm a noob at map sharing so fingers crossed.

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