Mortal Kombat X Pre Orders Now Available

Bullet Jun 5, 2014

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    Cant wait for Mortal Kombat X? Gamestop have released an Advert showing pre orders are now available and you get a free poster with every order!

    Mortal Kombat X is a continuation of MK9 and we can expect to see some new characters as well as some old favorites such as Scorpion and Sub Zero.

    The game will allow players to choose between multiple versions of each character, with each version providing differences in gameplay. The game is also to feature the return of X-Ray moves introduced in the previous title. The press release promised "all new gameplay" featuring "a new fully-connected experience that launches players into a persistent online contest where every fight matters in a global battle for supremacy

    Here's the advert released by Gamestop for Pre orders with the 'Free Poster' offer:


    Mortal Kombat X (EX) will available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 at a price of $59.00
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    whahaha insert troll face here 60 $ wtf

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