More unannounced Xbox One exclusives coming in 2014

Rocky Feb 27, 2014

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    Xbox One's 2014 exclusives list doesn't begin and end with Titanfall, Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer has assured followers on Twitter - there are Other Things on the way, lurking in the periphery of our vision like... Hmm, what's the appropriate reference point? Something from Microsoft's back catalogue, I guess. OK: like a cloaked Elite waiting to pounce.

    Speaking of Halo, we're told that the franchise's "journey" on Xbox One will begin this year. The jury's still out on what, precisely, this means: we reported that it would be Halo 5 in a previous issue, but Microsoft may have moved the goalposts. It's rumoured that an Anniversary edition of Halo 2 will launch this winter instead.

    Some Tweets below

    Vincenzo Cotugno @cotugnovincenzo
    @XboxP3 Hi Phil, are there unannounced games that will be out this year exclusively on XB1 ?

    Phil Spencer @XboxP3
    @cotugnovincenzo Had to think about this: out this year, unannounced and exclusive. Yes.

    In other news, Spencer's been chatting to people about the idea of a Blinx the Timesweeper reboot. I find this agonising to read about, personally, but perhaps you have fonder memories of the original Xbox's ill-fated platforming mascot. It doesn't seem like there's a high probability of a comeback, either way.

    Someguy @TheVKNGsTweeter
    @XboxP3 anyone else remember blinx the time sweeper? I wish he would come back on xbox one :(

    Phil Spencer @XboxP3
    @TheVKNGsTweeter Artoon was the developer. I always found the lead character a bit challenging but I did like the time controls.

    Source - OXM

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