More than a simple failure of Capcom

yecgaa01 Mar 10, 2013

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    Of all the Resident Evil's's that have been released since 2004
    (And despite Resident Evil Code Veronica was released before and be among my favorites
    I noticed the "Evolution" for the new generation From beginning to Dali ")
    the Dlc Titled Resident Evil 5 "Lost in Nightmares"
    In my opinion that was the closest to their "roots".

    Chris and Jill in a mansion that can really be said
    What is Resident Evil 1.


    The mansion possesses exactly the same geography and appearance of RE1
    and made me very happy, although the plot does not make much sense (adaptation of what happened a long time for a mis recent season.)

    I remember when we had to be smart and skillful
    in an environment where we need to devise a
    strategy to manage to defeat a horde of
    zombies, or a more powerful creature (like Nemesis in Resident Evil 3)
    and spare ammunition for future "impecílios."

    Nostalgia for a time when puzzles were more complex
    and required that we focus on the environment prestássemos
    (Sometimes in places back again and again)
    to find an answer.

    the lost in nightmares dlc released if I am not mistaken in 2010
    Regained some of that "essence"
    Which if you checasse the gateway 3 times
    return to classic style camera Resident Evil 1
    a mansion full of blood, with puzzles, powerful enemies
    (And other hidden really).
    And that part of the game where Chris and Jill fall
    on flooded ruins, who seem more like a maze
    with traps and creatures.
    You have no weapons, all you have are light grenades and an environment with traps
    partially ready and powerful enemies to defeat.

    Really Lost in Nightmares Dlc This was the closest they came from a
    "Graphic Evolação" That keeps the same essence.
    The One (and terrible) failed Dlc is the fact of not having zombies but "creatures"
    Despite some wise guys who get in the water waiting for you to pass.

    -I would have given up a long time Resident Evil,
    but I hope that Resident Evil Revelations
    is equal to Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares.
    (A Remake only that, I think not endure another Deception)

    I'm not saying that Lost in Nightmares is genial,
    which is equal to its origins but that is the closest to that, I can
    Playing without getting angry for having strayed completely from their origins

    Not equal to Resident Evil 6 (and one that dlc is sold on live
    but that already comes on disc)

    Available in Live:


    Available on Disc:


    But actually lost hope of launching a Resident evil
    equal to 3, but this was an epic that will never be repeated.


    Aff! I miss the time when things were not so simple.

    -In Fact I played Resident Evil 6 and Operation Raccoon City
    Zeroed 6 To play the Mercenaries (they also managed to destroy)
    I was Unlocking The Clothing and realized that on a website said it was a custom per person
    and I'll desbloque 3 for each not to mention the Randames Carla (or Radames not remember right) and Agent (both customs has no extras).

    It bothers me Fact announce them:
    '"Dlc clothing for the mercenaries Resident Evil 6 in the style of Resident Evil 1
    For the fans can relive the horror. "

    What horror?

    honestly not comprendo this sentence unless she means:

    "A game that broke all the origins, costumed zombies that appear
    way gangly creatures that look like circus (Rasklapanje, Lepotitisa)
    with a plot completely null and meaningless
    Buy Resident Evil 6 and Relive Horror That many
    times as you want! "

    Do not get me wrong Resident Evil 6 has good graphics environment, and
    protagonists (even won one award)
    But honestly think "bizarre" that scene:
    Leon and Helena with a plummeting plane in China
    Leon observes and realizes that Ada is on top of a train.
    Ada scene that is half that seems strange
    Old guy with a "face", the details that make up soft
    the "expressive delicacy" simply disappear from her face, and she even gets to remember
    Jin Kazama of "Tekken".

    Resident Evil 6 also has a weird storyline.
    Jake, the "The Albert Wesker Son"


    Wesker can not imagine the "falling in love with a woman"
    (I can only imagine him abandoning her)
    And a detail: "he (Jake) never understood why she still loving
    the man who abandoned them. "

    To the Mother of Jake loving Wesker that he would have done in minino
    she believed he felt the same way (as he did with Excella)
    Jake Muller is 20 years, with 48 Wesker Died in 2009
    The game takes place in 2013 if you do the calculations you realize, Wesker would
    52 years if alive, which means he was 31 when
    pregnant mother of Jake (the mysterious Mrs. Muller), this time Wesker was still
    Captain of STARS, he still worked for Ozwell Spencer.

    we also have that information in the files Re6:
    "Jake's mother had a serious illness, could not buy medicine
    she died shortly after Jake becomes mercenary "

    Albert Wesker has always been a powerful man, and influential
    where he would meet a woman of humble origin? and what would
    he approach her about to have a relationship that would generate
    our young hero *******?

    Along the Series games Resident evil realize that Wesker
    is a cold and calculating man, who would be able to kill anyone
    to get in his way even if it is allied to their cause.
    what would be motivated to save the life of the young Miss Muller? love?
    sorry, but I can not imagine Albert Wesker love.
    Resident Evil 6 left lots Evil Thing Explained.

    1) It would be desperate to launch a "Best-Seller" that supposedly save the franchise?
    2) Unwillingness of production?
    3) A Gap to Put in new Resident Evil's Forcing Thus the curious to buy the game?
    4) were fixed in both the "Evolution" of new graphics that they forgot to create a good story?
    5) Resident Evil Or just broke both of his origins that stopped making sense?

    In my mind all the answers are valid.
    But only one of them should be the True and Absolute unless
    that Capcom (or you) have a better explanation.

    My Biggest Fear: Note to The 13 Children of Ozwell Wesker Spencer
    (Forgive if any error in the spelling of names, or even order
    not even have that name on the list, everything that I wrote the article came ne
    my thoughts and opinion, it is difficult to remember so many details of RE)

    1: Hans
    2: Felicia
    3: Marco
    4: Jonah
    5: Irma
    6: Ken
    7: Laura
    8: William
    9: Hiro
    10: * DEREK
    11: Miles
    12: Alex
    13: Albert (our dear, Villain who at this point should already be king of the depths of hell)

    There it is: Derek
    one Nook for a possible future of Capcom crap.
    another nonsensical plot that it is probable that they enter
    in history:
    We know that Derek Simmons on Resident Evil 6, is Secretary of U.S. security leader
    of an aristocracy that has power and influence over the entire world.

    But he also became a Top Game Villains
    (Especially in campaign Leon and Jake)
    after all he did to Carla's "Ada Wong" who she is.
    Ada's campaign you can even see that it says the following phrase to Simmons:
    That is for you to learn not to trust duty "Ada Wong".
    She makes a double reference to when she worked for him
    in the past, and that Carla desobeceu totally your orders, and began
    launching bioterrorist attacks in the world.

    but back to the subject:
    Without even meaning well Able Capcom would bring back the "life" Derek Simmons.
    (Would not surprise anyone who played the campaign Leon knows what I mean)
    They also could refer to one of Derek How Children Wesker Survivor
    Umbrella whose scientists believe to be dead.
    that would be another story absurd and meaningless.

    Simmons would be the new "Albert Wesker" Series?
    Able Capcom would go as So Low?
    sincerely hope that what I have said, are just daydreams,
    or even 'crazy gibberish "but honestly when
    it comes to Resident Evil, Capcom has not surprised me more.

    Please no offense, honestly after all this is my opinion as to Resident evil

    PS: Lost in Nightmares is a Dlc Exclusive to PS3 and XBOX360
    But the PS3 Gamers had better luck since the Gold version of the game in media
    Physical already came with the Dlc's while the Xbox360
    had to live down in that moreover
    the dlc was not available in Brazil (the way the account was U.S. Live)
    Fortunately I am one of the (not as many as the PS3) people who have this
    For Dlc Xbox360.
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    Resident Evil 4 to me was the best resident evil
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    Resident Evil & Silent Hill the best horror games, the classics mostly
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    I agree, both great!!
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    sorry for my english (i know is terrible). <br>
    can i edit that post?<br>
    forgive me.

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