Modern Warfare 2 Bypass Tu7 - 2012 [Tutorial]

henry winkler Jan 1, 2012

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    First off this is a tutorial for the more advanced coder not an average noob.
    I will show how to find the files needed. Also I may have came across an easier way of doing this i may release this weekend if it works. I am stuck on the part of compressing the missions_gsc back into the file it compresses, loads the game fine but no mods I am missing something somewhere, help me find out what and where.
    P.S: If you use my TuT on another website A. make sure you leave me credit for my findings. B. do not call this your TuT it is mine.
    So let's begin...

    1. You need the following programs.




    2. Unzip to desktop.
    3. Put your common_mp.ff into the pack folder on desktop.
    4. Rename the folder to " offzip " (without the ")
    5. Open cmd prompt.
    6. Type in cd desktop/offzip
    7. Now type in offzip -a -z 15 common_mp.ff . 00
    8. It will take about 10 -20 mins for this to run. but you should have like 1400 or more dat files.
    9. We only need 2 of them but in order to fine the 2 we need to search through all of them.
    10. To find which one you open (if you know how to decompress a patch_mp.ff then you will make this part easy..)if you dont then follow this step.
    11. Move a patch_mp.ff into the pack folder and run the following
    offzip -a -z -15 patch_mp.ff ./0 you will need 0000ba0.dat

    Now compare those files with ones from the common_mp.ff to find the 2 files you need for your missions.gsc
    12. Now that you found those the rest is pretty simple.
    13. Open up the first file of common_mp.ff (the one that matches your patch_mp.ff)

    Press Control + E
    The offset we are going to do are these
    Start Offset: D7D2
    End Offset: FFFF
    Now just press Enter, it will Highlight a lot of the file.
    Press Control + C
    Now Press
    Control + N
    Now Press
    Control + V
    14. Now open the 2nd one.

    Press Control + E Go to Length, Enter 61D
    If you do not. Make sure you go to the TOP of the page and click on the first offset. Then re-enter the Length. That will give it to you.
    Now Press
    Control + C Go over to the New file you made.
    Paste this at the end.
    You should be able to just click on the tab. And press
    Control + V
    Now press
    Control + SSave as
    _missions_comp.gsc.Make sure you save it in the "pack" folder with all our other stuff.
    Now we have missions all in one file
    First we need to decompress that file we just made.

    Go to a Cmd Prompt.and type in
    Offzip -a -z -15 _missions_comp.gsc ./0
    Now you should have a new file added to your pack folder should be 0000e800.dat but maybe different,
    now open this with notepad.
    This is your missions.gsc now you can add anything you want to it. make sure the code is correct I recommened using a missions.gsc from one of your patches.
    15. Now that that is complete we need to put the missions back into the Common_mp.ff
    16. In your pack folder make a new file named _missions_recomp.gsc
    17. In cmd Prompt type.

    Packzip -o 0x0000e800 -w -15 0000e800.dat _missions_recomp.gsc
    (make sure the 0000e800 matches your dat file for missions.gsc)
    Now open both
    _missions_recomp.gscIn your hex editor.
    First we do the Header.
    In the _missions_recomp.gsc you will see the first four things are

    00 00

    Change that to

    78 DA
    That is it...Header is done.
    Now to the footer.
    Scroll all the way to the bottom of the _mission_recomp.gsc
    Click on the END of the file. Take a notice on the "Offset:" in hex editor.
    Notice it is
    Offset: 2DC3Now, go to the _missions_comp.gsc in you hex editor.
    Control + GEnter that offset
    This case is 2DC3
    EnterFind where it put you.
    Now Highlight ALL from there down.
    Now copy that by pressing
    Control + CNow go back to your _missions_recomp.gsc
    Paste it at the end. Make sure your cursor is at the END.
    Control + V
    Notice the
    FF FF FF FF At the end. Highlight all from that up to where you pasted in. (Just the Red Stuff).
    Now Click on "OK".
    You will notice it changed it to 00 00 00. That is what we wanted.
    Now press

    Control + S Now we are on to part 2
    Now we need to have 3 files open in hex editor

    18. Alright now open 3 files your 2 missions.gsc dat files then the _missions_recomp.gsc
    We have to split this back into 2 dat files. Open your first dat file( the same one you opened earlier as first).

    Press Ctrl E
    Enter the offset
    Start: D7D2
    End: FFFF
    Press Enter
    Now go to the bottom and grab your length mine would be 282E.
    Now Go to your _missions_recomp.gsc Press
    Crtl E go to length (enter your length so mine would be 282E)enter
    Press Ctrl C (Do Not click anywhere- we need this later***)
    Now go to your first dat file and paste this in by pressing
    Ctrl B (Not V)
    19. Now we can fix the header size
    To do this press Ctrl G offset is D7AA it will put you in front of 00
    Minimize for a second open a calculater and go to your pack folder and right click on 0000e800 (or whatever your file name is). Click on properties and you what the size in bytes.
    Change the calculators view to "Programmer"
    Enter as decimal then click on hex
    This is your hex for your size
    Now go back to hex editor(we need the one where we left the offsets highlighted) and EX. If my size is 10026 my hex would be 00 01 00 26 enter this in behind the 00
    Now press Ctrl S

    20. Now we open the 2nd dat file
    Control + E Go to Length Enter 61D

    Now to go your _missions_recomp.gsc
    Remember me saying leave that highlighted this is why.
    You need to copy all the rest of that file.

    Remember from there down.
    Now press
    Ctrl C go to the 2nd file now just press
    Ctrl B then
    Ctrl S
    (this section should have been highlighted.)
    Now go to cmd prompt and type
    Packzip -o 0x00000000 -w -15 00000000.dat common_mp.ff Press And hit enter!
    Now type in
    Packzip -o 0x00000000-w -15 00000000.datcommon_mp.ff Press And again hit enter!
    Now, the missions are back in.
    (Make sure that you change 00000000 to the 2 files that you used for this tutorial.)
    I will decide later weather or not to tell you the 2 files and make it simple however I may not due to I have just started using mods again and I dont want this patched in 2 weeks infections work including some binds the say command no longer works so no mod menu infections but everything else still works.

    tutorial by maximilian

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