modded save. do you like me to make it?

Dragomir Mar 17, 2014

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    you know the mod Dovahgolt?
    i am making a mod that will be like his but i will update it allot! it will have "New" characters, new houses, epic (secret for now) stuff, and never before seen mods like:

    (OPTIONAL) "real" god mode. (not an item, you just never die)
    New followers.
    new marriageable people.
    new items and stuff.
    redecoration's in buildings (not homes)
    (OPTIONAL) Play as a dremora or a snowelf.
    (IF I GET IT TO WORK) New places to travel to.
    (IF I MAKE IT FROM SCRATCH) Alternative starts (ex: Helgen i fine)
    People (and Enemies) in new places.

    but before i will give this to you, my bellowed community. i wanna ask some stuff:
    1. do you like me to do this? i don't wanna wast my time if no one care.
    2. i may want to use the Dovahgolt save that exist, i like it but if i add my mods it will be INSANE! but i will not make that call so now i wonder: do you like me to use Dovahgolt as a base for my mods, or is it better if i make my own?

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