MINECRAFT Xbox 360 LEADERBOARD Mod[Xbox 360 gamesave]

QDSXL2001 Jun 15, 2014

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    File Name: MINECRAFT Xbox 360 LEADERBOARD Mod
    File Submitter: QDSXL2001File Submitted: 14 Jun 2014
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    This is a very useful modded map for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

    This Save allows you to kill mobs endlessly and when you save the game, your leaderboard stats are "modded"
    Your kills are gained on a map previously created in creative mode but had been "switched" to survival mode, therefor allowing the player to gain leaderboard stats on a "creative world"

    After downloading, you must rename the save game.txt file to save game.dat file, (tutorial in .zip you will download/downloaded) then you must bring over a minecraft save you no longer wish to use, to the computer . (I recommend making a brand new world) then put that save on your flash drive and move your flash to the computer, then open up 360Revolution or horizon and click on >games >minecraft then double click your save, click on contents then replace the "game save.dat" to the newly downloaded save game.txt that you switched to .dat.... So for shorts, replace the savegame.dat you brought from your Xbox with the one that you downloaded from me.

    Click here to download this file

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