Microsoft deploys new user security features.

XPG Darkside Dec 10, 2013

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    Microsoft has launched new features to enhance the security of Microsoft Accounts amidst growing concerns over internet privacy and government surveillance.

    A new menu lets Microsoft Account users - including Xbox Live - to pull up a list of all recent account logins, with date and time, location, as well as the device and browser logged.


    Successful and unsuccessful account logins are shown, including if an incorrect password was used. A 'This wasn't me' button will let you report any suspicious activity you see on the list.

    The new features, which are much the same as a system used by Google accounts for some time now, are being rolled out "over the next couple of days".

    This comes following fresh reports of US and UK spy agencies having assembled technology that collects data from Xbox Live a bid to uncover terrorist activities. In a statement to CVG today, Microsoft denied all knowledge of government surveillance.

    The new Microsoft Account features aim to "give you more visibility and control of your Microsoft account," said Microsoft Account group program manager, Eric Doerr.

    "We think about protecting accounts as a partnership between us and you - the more you help us (with accurate account info, and updated security info), the more we can help you keep your stuff safe," added Doerr.

    "You know best what's been happening with your account - so the more we give you tools to understand what's happening, the better we can work together to protect your account.

    For example, a login from a new country might look suspicious to us, but you might know that you were simply on vacation or on a business trip."

    Source CVG.
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