Microsoft’s new Xbox boss will put gamers first

Bullet Mar 31, 2014

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    Phil Spencer became the new boss of all things Xbox today, and he pledges to put gamers first!
    Marc Whitten has moved over to Sonos and Phil Spencer was the obvious choice to take his place.

    Phil absolutely agrees that Microsoft could have done more for the gamers and has vowed to turn things around, forming a much better relationship between us the gamers and Microsoft. He values fan feedback and see's this as the way forward, by taking on what we the fans have to say and using this make the Xbox a more appealing platform to gamers.

    So the question on everyone's lips right now has to be 'what will change, whats in store for the Xbox one'
    In an interview with GamesBeat Phil had this to say:

    When you put the person who has been driving on games in charge of the group, you can imagine the focus on games will still be there. I’m going to lead this program from gaming first. That core customer for a gaming console is the customer we have to win. Today, gaming consoles do more than just games. You see that not only from us and our competitors as well. I want to make sure that our platform is a great one for the entertainment services. We bring together Xbox Video and Xbox Music into the organization with Xbox Live. We want to program Xbox Live in a complete way and have the best entertainment services there. Many of them are great third-party partners like Netflix and Hulu. But leading with gaming is what you are going to get with me. I’m honored to be the head of the group.

    This is a great day for Xbox fans and hopefully we will see a change for the better in the Xbox One and in things like Games with Gold.

    What would you like to see changed?
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    this should be interesting

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