Micorsoft: Offers Game Coding Summer Camp

Bullet Jun 12, 2014

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    Microsoft have been sending out an interesting email offering parents the chance to enroll their children in a 'Summer Camp' for children aged between 8-13 to learn how to code games and also game design.


    The 'Summer camp' consists of 2 hour sessions a day Monday-Thursday, 10AM-12PM. The 'Junior Designers' will use a visual programming language Kodu to learn about how creativity, problem solving, storytelling, and programming. Once your child is proficient with Kodu they will then go on to TouchDevelop, a mobile app creation platform with a touch-based editor that makes coding from your phone or tablet lots of fun.

    Your children will learn how to create mobile games and techniques for creating virtual worlds as well as creating games and movies.


    Learn all the steps from scratch for creating their own movies from script to screen and everything in between. Using Windows phone and Surface Pro your child will learn how to produce, direct, design and animate their very own movies.

    Using a Windows smart phone to take photos and learn how to capture edit and share photos from your phone. Using Photosynth, turn your pictures into art with Photo Fuse, and more.

    This is a great opportunity being offered by Microsoft for free, so if your child is interested in learning how to code for themselves you should check out the enrollment site below:

    Source: Microsoft Summer Camp
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    Gutted the kids would have done this but not in the UK :( they not happy

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