MGS V: TPP Micro-transactions Explained

zesp4 Sep 1, 2015

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    MGS V: The Phantom Pain "MT" Explained
    As you all are aware The Phantom Pain dropped last night Midnight for PS4 and Xbox One. ​
    With much anticipated hype for the game to fill the rest of series story. ​
    The game will consist of Side Ops, Main Missions, and of course MGO or Metal Gear Online. (FOB)​
    But what comes with MGO, Micro Transactions But wait don't just shrug your shoulders and pass the game because the game has MT, This is optional of course, You the gamer has the choice to purchase if you like. ​
    Think of it this way maybe you don't get a lot of time to play the game during the week, you're working 9-5 and on the weekend you just want to sit down and crack a few cans and play the game after a long week of stressful work. This is where you then have the choice if you like to purchase Mother Base Points. MBP if you will. ​
    This in turn will help you expand your Mother Base at a faster pace for your hard earn cash. It will also allow you to earn resources and other valuables that you earn on the battlefield weather it's free roam, missions or side ops. You will have much more of an advantage over someone you're battling against 1v1 system, destroying each others bases etc.. For someone who is just starting the game. ​
    The prices, how much do they cost me? ​
    100 MBC - $1.65​
    550 MBC - $7.95​
    11150 MBC - $15.95​
    3500 MBC - $48.95​
    6000 MBC - $79.95​
    Note * MBC can only be obtained through Micro-Transactions and not in game. ​
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