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XPGCaboose Jan 27, 2011

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    File Name: Mess around Save
    File Submitter: Caboose.
    File Submitted: 27 Jan 2011
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    Credit to soup1d
    this is not my save. i'm just reposting for you guys here.

    this save is not meant for achievements. Some achievements may pop out of order on load so make sure you have played through at least once before using this.

    This Save is Zealot Chapter 2. I have every suit that is available. This includes: Engineering Suit, Security Suit, Hacker Suit, Vintage Suit, Advanced Suit, Riot Security Suit, And Elite Engineering Suit.
    This save also includes the Hacker's Contact Beam, Refurbished Plasma Cutter, ALREADY PURCHASED.
    This save also includes 46 Power Nodes to do with as you please.
    Also every weapon, and there ammo is in the store. Including All Med Packs.
    Possible acheivements: Picking Favorites-30GS, Fully Loaded- 50GS, Fully Outfitted- 30GS. And plenty more if you want to continue playing from this save.
    Also i will be uploading a Zealot Save before the Ending for all you lazy kids. And a Save right before i dismember 2,500 Limbs. And maybe a save before the Peng treasure.
    Any other recommendations please hurry before i get further in the game. Thanks

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