Preview MechWarrior Online videos showcase custom mech, weapon tactics

Rocky Dec 4, 2012

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    Here are a couple of new videos for MechWarrior Online.


    The first features the Illya Muromets, a custom 'Hero Mech' apparently named after "the legendary knight of Slavic myths", and is said to be "the perfect Mech to customize as a sniper or upclose brawler".

    The second video discusses weapons tactics in the currently-active open beta.

    MWO is a new free-to-play robot battler in development exclusively for PC at Piranha Games, and will use Crytek's CryEngine 3.

    The online reboot will be set in the year 3049 during the initial stages of a huge interstellar war and with the enhanced Crytek visuals now powering it, there could be plenty to enjoy here for fans who fondly remember FASA's original series.

    Source - CVG

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