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Rocky Jan 22, 2013

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    Max Payne 3's Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC is out today, adding the 'Dead Men Walking' co-op mode, in which Max and Raul Passos must team up to take on waves of enemies, while earning 'Grit' to unlock more health, weapons and items, as well as unlocking more areas.

    The DLC also adds the 'Run and Stun' mode, in which one player assumes the role of Captain Baseball Bat Boy's arch-nemesis, Saci, armed with a stun gun, some flash grenades and a heavy melee attack. It's Saci's job to take everyone down and turn rivals into allies with Saci masks. The game ends when the timer runs out, or when Saci manages to turn all but one player.

    Marked Man is another mode in which Vendettas play a key role, with five points rewarded for following through on a Vendetta and five points up for grabs if you can successfully escape a Vendetta. Finally, Time Attack is a spin on the traditional Deathmatch, but rewards kill combos if you can beat the clock.

    There's a bunch of new weapons with the DLC too, including the Cattle Prod, the Night Stick, the Stun Gun, Pepper Spray and the Bouncing Betty projectile.

    You'll be able to download Max Payne 3's Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC today for 800 Microsoft Points, or you can grab it as part of the Season Pass. Check out some new screens from the pack below.




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