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Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson Leaves Bioware

XPGHerozHD Aug 8, 2014

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    The director Casey Hudson has had the most difficult decision of his whole career on whether to leave and go or stay. But now it comes to that Casey announced today that he is leaving the EA owned developer. Casey was known most as a director and for his amazing work he did on mass effect and star wars: knights of the old republic.

    Hudson has been with this company for over 16 years and now he has made his final decision to leave and retire. I'm still shocked myself because if you stay with a big company like that for that long usually you would stay and it would be your life long job. But in this case he wanted to leave after only 16 years. After work like that I feel like no one will ever replace him in my opinion.

    Development for the new mass effect game has been in effect for a while now and the team is ready to deliver a whole new gaming experience for the mass effect gamers.

    Hudson says " i will need a much needed break before I know what to do next." The Bioware team thanks Hudson for all his hark work and dedication to all the games and trilogies as they take a look back on his work.

    I thought about this topic on what reason Casey Hudson would leave the Bioware team and retire until he thinks on what to do next. Leave a comment below on what you guys think about this whole topic. ;)

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