Mario Maker: Will Not Feature Multiplayer

Bullet Jun 18, 2014

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    Mario Maker is a fun game which allows you to create 2D Mario levels using a Wii U GamePad controller. The games main focus is on user generated levels which give you the freedom to create worlds using drag and drop to add blocks, pipes, lifts and even enemies anywhere and then play the level afterwards and even share....

    Well actually no you cant share the levels which seems to be a major oversight by Nintendo. Most games consoles focus on social aspects as its common knowledge that gamers are social creatures.

    Given that the game allows you to express yourself by creating your own levels, even making up your own enemies by mixing and matching different elements within the levels, it seems only natural that you would have the ability to share and show off your work and allow others to play and maybe even rate your creations.

    Tezuka has confirmed that the main focus of the game for them is the creation aspect and there probably will not be a multiplayer feature:

    "As far as multiplayer, I’m pretty set on probably not. What’s important about this game is the creation part, and we really want to focus on that." says Tezuka

    Has this put you off buying the game, or would you still buy it just because its Mario?
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    This is a deffo buy for me, Not fussed about multiplayer, I have my X1 for that ;)

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