Major Patch Released, Bugs Fixed; Full Patch Notes

FatPat666 Aug 26, 2014

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    Watch Dogs gets a boost with a major update from Ubisoft that adds bug fixes and allows players to hack their friends when playing multiplayer.

    "We know it has been a bit since the last patch and this is the reason why. We've been hard at work making these changes," Ubisoft stated in the official forum.

    This patch will optimise player experience and has introduced some replay options in the game. Players, who have completed the game, will now be able to reset the option for Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions.

    As stated earlier, the game allows players to hack their friends without them coming to know about it. This feature can also be disabled. The community feedback has also been addressed by this patch.

    During multiplayer matches, players who have the habit of disconnecting regularly will be matched with players who do the same. When you play in the multiplayer match, players who disconnect will not receive any notoriety but the other person will earn the same amount if you had won.

    This new patch for Watch Dogs has already been deployed in the US and Europe and will be available in Asia on 26 August.

    Though delayed, Ubisoft will bring Watch Dogs for Wii U. A new DLC is likely to hit the game that will see players shifting from Chicago to Camden, New Jersey.

    Here are the complete patch notes for Watch Dogs (Ubisoft Forums):

    Single player features

    • Replay options - After having completed the main story line, players will now have the option to reset previously played Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions. - (all platforms)
    • Drinking games - The Drinking Games were re-tuned based on community feedback. - (all platforms)
    - Increase round fail time by 20%. More time for player to finish.

    - Increase button cycling time by 50%. More time between button switch.

    - Increase player reticle radius by 25% in collect button mode. Allow easier button press succeeded on bad latency tv.

    - Increase player reticle last frame velocity impact on this frame position (inertia friction) by 70 percent. The player reticle slow down faster when no input from player -> easier to stay on the spot targeted & More precise player control.

    - Increase player input factor by 50%. More precise and more reactive player control.

    - Reduce max force applied randomly to player reticle from 0.35 to 0.29. Less strong random impulse for drunk effect.

    - Reduce moving target speed by 15%. Easier for player to time his button press on a target.

    Multiplayer features

    • Hack your friends - You can now select available friends via the grid and hack or tail them without their knowledge. This can be disabled under online options. - (all platforms)
    • CTOS Mobile - Mobile players disconnecting will no longer result in the gameplay ending for the console/PC player. Console and PC players will play their match to the end and receive some Notoriety points for doing so. - (all platforms)
    • Multiplayer bad behavior - Players who are frequently disconnecting from multiplayer matches will be pooled together and paired only against players with similar online behaviors. - (all platforms)
    - If you're playing against someone else who disconnects unfairly, you will get the same amount of Notoriety as if you had won at that moment.

    - The disconnector will not receive any Notoriety.

    Single player fixes

    - Poker - Fixed a bug in which players were getting stuck playing poker if they used the camera against the last opponent in a low stakes game. (all platforms)

    - Missing persons investigations - Fixed instances in which the wrong text was appearing in Portuguese language. (all platforms)


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