Looking for Saves/ with MF/GF

kidcriticus Feb 10, 2014

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    Feb 10, 2014
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    Hey anyone out there able to save or mod/save
    Some legendary Demon hunter / Witch / Monk Gear
    With Magic Find and Gold find (pieces like rings, amulets). PS3 USA

    Edit: Maybe level 20- 40 gear with a minus 25 level requirement.

    I would like to have some normal legendary gear just modded with magic and gold find.
    And possibly a few buffed weapons and (resist all) armor for the harder acts and higher difficulties for later that i can put in the stash till we get to the harder difficulties..

    I am playing with the wife and kids and i don't want to full out cheat our first time through i want it to be a little difficult but up our chances on nice drops so everyone has fun and feels special ;)

    Would totally be grateful to whomever can upload a save for me.

    I Can bruteforce the save.

    I would mod the items myself, but i am having a very difficult time using diablo 3 save editor, it keeps giving me an error with my brute force decrypted files.


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