Looking for EXPERIENCED xex Modders (IDA)

oPryzeLP Aug 2, 2014

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    TLDR: I need xex modding pros to help me.

    Hello XPG, this is my first real post but not my first time on the site.

    I am not looking to mod an xex and load it up on my JTAG (yawn.)

    I want to preface this by giving you some insight into who I am and what I do. My name is oPryzeLP, I am a Minecraft/Minecraft Xbox 360 YouTuber (50k), and I mod Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. I have created the most downloaded All-In-One MC360 mod tool with over 130,000 downloads and featured on over 74 other YouTube channels. I am telling you this to assure you I am not a Randy Bob Jackson leecher. I have been around the modding scene for years, mostly this past year. I own a JTAG but hardly touch it (it red rings a lot) because I find more value in online retail mods. So I am very serious about this post and I would prefer to have serious replies ( or funny ones :p )

    I have recently come across some new things to mod in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. I have been testing things for a few weeks now and have successfully created some cool new retail mods. All is going well, but I wish to do more.

    Whilst creating these mods, I have come across many "function names" and "variable names" that the game uses upon creating a new world. (I call them function and variable names because that is what I assume they are. I hope to confirm that theory in this thread.)

    Some examples of things I've discovered:
    • MapOptions
    • ApplySchematic
    • GenerateStructure
    • GenerateBox
    • PlaceBlock
    • PlaceContainer
    • PlaceSpawner
    • AddItem
    • AddEnchantment
    • Many More...

    • enchantmentId
    • enchantmentLevel
    • itemId
    • quantity
    • food
    • health
    • filename
    • Many more...

    Near the end of the same file that contains these lists is a specially formatted section that calls these functions and uses the variables/values as arguments. I have already completely figured out the very complex format of this file and have created a private tool that successfully recreates versions of this file to do certain things in-game. It works wonders.

    Here is the reason for this post:

    • Not all of the functions/variables listed in the file are used at the end of the file.
    • Different worlds USE either more or less functions/variables than another world (makes sense because not all are needed for certain worlds).
    • Some worlds have more or less functions/variables LISTED than another world
    This leads me to believe that there are MORE FUNCTIONS/VARIABLES in the game that I'm not seeing in this file. I would like to decompile the default.xex of this game and search for more functions I don't already know of. I know how to uncompress and decrypt the default.xex. But opening it with IDA and understanding what I'm looking at will take quite some time.

    I know that xex modding is old school, which is why I feel it is smart to call upon a modding community with years of experience in xex modding.

    If you or anyone you know has experience with default.xex decompiling, please POST BELOW or EMAIL ME!

    Thanks for reading this :)

    (I will not be showing the file(s) I used to discover these function/variable names. That is still an exclusive mod that only I know about atm)

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