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Lionhead will release games "within" Fable Legends, also has "a couple" of non-Fable prototypes

Rocky Jun 25, 2014

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    We've known Lionhead has something new and definitely non-Fable related up its sleeve for some time. It turns out there's more than one something to think about. Speaking to Eurogamer, studio head John Needham has revealed that the team is working on a number of prototypes, including ideas for games that are tucked away inside the forthcoming Fable Legends.

    "They're working on a couple of new prototypes for completely different games - not Fable related", Needham explained. "They'll also be working on new games we can put within Fable Legends as well."

    Whether that means mini-games (Lionhead have form here; remember Fable 2's pre-order bonus gold farming games?) or something a little more fully-fledged isn't yet clear, although the fact that Lionhead's eight-person "incubation team", put together specifically to come up with exciting new ideas, is responsible gives us hope for the latter.

    The interview also went into a little more detail about when Lionhead's new IP might be announced: "The primary purpose of the group is to come up with new game IP, and we'll hopefully this next year have something exciting to talk about," Needham promised. We're still hoping to hear something about post-apocalyptic project Eden Falls, but we'll take whatever we're given with good grace.

    Source - OXM
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