Limited Edition Frozen PS4 launching in Japan

Rocky Jul 11, 2014

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    Sony is to launch a limited edition PS4 console featuring a laser etched design inspired by Disney's Frozen.

    While there isn't a Frozen game for PS4, the package will include a 500GB console, a DualShock 4 controller and a Frozen themed hard drive cover. A copy of Frozen on Blu-Ray is not included, Siliconera reports.

    Set to launch on July 16, the console will cost 42,980 yen (£258/$424), compared to the standard PS4 price of 39,980 yen (£231/$395).

    While the Metal Gear Solid themed PS4 console released in Japan in March was targeted at core gamers, the Frozen console is part of Sony's attempt to appeal to a broader audience, something it has struggled to achieve in its home country, according to PlayStation boss Andrew House.

    House said this week that the primary reason for relatively slow PS4 adoption in Japan is a lack of compelling Japanese created content.

    The executive, who lives in Japan, also said the greater availability of entertainment services on PS4 in the west has helped Sony reach a "broader audience than just a core gamer" much earlier than expected in the console's lifecycle.




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